Postdocs wanting to apply for fellowship funding are welcome to apply at any time. Email me (Alex.Rowe@ed.ac.uk) with ideas about possible funding sources, and we can discuss projects. Include a full CV with names and contact details of two referees.  Applicants should ideally have a passion for malaria research combined with drive, initiative, independence, “green-fingers” in the lab, the ability to write coherently and proven ability to finish-up and publish previous projects. However, if some of these boxes remain unticked, training and mentoring will be given!

PhD students

For information on PhD application procedures in Edinburgh see

and for information on fees and funding see:

Anyone interested in applying for a PhD position via one of the routes described in the above links should email me (Alex.Rowe@ed.ac.uk) in October/November of the academic year before the one in which they hope to start with:

  • a full CV including names and contact details for 2 academic referees
  • a transcript of degree marks
  • a statement of research interests (one side of A4 explaining why you want to do a PhD and why you want to work on malaria)

Projects will be in the general area of malaria host-parasite interactions outlined on the research pages.

Alex is a supervisor on the Wellcome Trust funded 4 year PhD Programme on Hosts, Pathogesn and Global Health (application deadline usually in late January/early February ecah year) see http://www.eid.ed.ac.uk/wt-hpgh

Clinical fellows

Any clinicians who are interested in a lab-based PhD in malaria research should look at possible funding sources (eg The Wellcome Trust-funded Edinburgh Clinical Academic Training Scheme or the MRC Clinical Research Training Fellowship) and email me (Alex.Rowe@ed.ac.uk) with a CV and an indication of research interests and motivation.