Current People in the Lab

Postdoctoral fellows:
Clinical Fellows:
PhD students:

Former Lab Members:

Former Postdocs
  • Dr Hussein Abkallo (2016-2018). Hussein went on to work at ILRI in Nairobi, Kenya. Twitter @abkallo
  • Dr Ash Ghumra (2008-2015). Ash went on to work in the Biotech sector.
  • Dr Gabriella Lindergard (2010-2013).  Gabbi went on to clinical research job at the University of Manchester, UK.
  • Dr Yvonne Adams (2010-2013). Yvonne went on to a postdoc job at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Dr Monica Arman (2006-2011). Monica went on to become a Lecturer at the Hull-York Medical School, UK.
  • Dr Clare Fennell (2008-2010). Clare went on to become a consultant on ethical food production and green issues in Scotland. Twitter @clare_fennell
  • Dr Jean-Philippe Semblat (2002-2007). Jean-Philippe went on to become a research scientist at Inserm in France
Former PhD and Masters students
  • Ms Caitlin Jones (2019, MSc by Research) Caitlin went on to do a PhD in China.
  • Dr Sumeyye Erdemci (2018-2019, MSc by Research)
  • Dr Kathryn Milne (2014-2018, PhD) Kathryn went on to work in the biotech sector in Scotland.
  • Dr Yvonne Azasi (2012-2017, PhD) Yvonne went on to a postdoc job with Dr Louis Miller at the National Institutes of Health, USA.
  • Dr Jennifer Agyekum (2011-2014, M Phil) (co-supervised with Dr Joanne Thompson, UoE) went on to work at the Noguchi Medical Research Institute, Ghana.
  • Dr Carolyne Kifude (2010-2014, PhD) Carol went on to a postdoc job at the US Army Walter Reed Institute in Kisumu, Kenya and Washington DC.
  • Dr Herbert Opi (2009-2013, PhD) Herbert went on to a postdoc job with Prof James Beeson at the Burnet Institute in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Dr Patience Tetteh-Quarco (2007-2011, PhD). Patience went on to become a Lecturer in Microbiology at the University of Ghana.
  • Dr Antoine Claessens (2006-2010, PhD). Antoine went on to a postdoc job at the Sanger Institute, UK, and then won a fellowship to start his own group at the MRC Unit, the Gambia/LSHTM, then at CNRS, Montpellier, France
  • Dr Ruth Corrigan (2005-2009, PhD). Ruth went on to study medicine at the University of Oxford, UK and is training in Infectious Diseases.
  • Dr Helen Kyriacou (2004-2007, PhD). Helen went on to become high school biology teacher in Yorkshire, UK.
  • Dr Anne-Marie Deans (2002-2006, PhD). Anne-Marie went on to become a consultant in the Biotech industry, working on vaccine development with Crucell in Switzerland.
  • Dr Ian Cockburn (2000-2004, PhD). Ian went on to a postdoc job at Johns Hopkins University, USA and then became a Lecturer at the ANU, Canberra, Australia.
Former Lab managers and Research assistants
  • Mr Ahmed Raza (1998-2015). Ahmed retired in 2015 and is living a well-earned life of luxury and relaxation!
  • Ms Martha Cooper (2014-2015). Martha went on to do a PhD at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia. Twitter @mrthmaria
  • Ms Claire Sweenie (2008-2012). Claire went on to work for the NHS.
  • Ms Frances Ibison (2007-2008). Fran went on to study medicine at the University of Birmingham.
Former undergraduate students
  • Ms Megan Cole (2015-2016) (University of Cardiff professional training year)
  • University of Edinburgh Honours students and summer students: Cameron Sutherland, Mun-Lee (Brian) Kit, Eden Taylor, Anna Dighero, Rory White, Emily Bollom, Clara Vergez, Alexandros Constantinou, Robert Donat, Martha Cooper, Rachael Crockett, Allegra Dowding, Madeleine Tse-Lawrence, Iain Cunningham, Caitlin Buchan, Victoria Wood, Owen McGucken, Nicola Fargus, Tim Lush, Aidan Broyd, Katie Steen, Marta Tapia, Devanshi Jain, Dannie Carpenter.

Current collaborators in Edinburgh include:

  • Dr Phil Spence
  • Prof Lesley Forrester
  • Dr Graeme Cowan

Current collaborators outside Edinburgh include:

  • Professor Tom Williams and Professor Kathryn Maitland, Imperial College, UK and KEMRI-Wellcome Laboratories, Kilifi, Kenya.
  • Dr Peter Olupot-Olupot, Mbale Hospital, Uganda.
  • Dr Simon Draper and Dr Sumi Biswas, University of Oxford, Jenner Institute.
  • Dr Patrick Cao, Professor Robert Barker, Professor Mark Vickers, University of Aberdeen
  • Dr Julian Rayner, Wellcome Sanger Institute and Professor Pietro Cicuta, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Mark Travassos, University of Maryland and Professor Chris Plowe, Duke University, USA