Alex contributes to the following University of Edinburgh courses:

Year 4: Immunobiology of Malaria (course organiser and lecturer)

This is an elective course for Immunology Honours students which runs in semester 1 (September-December).  The course aims to provide an understanding of the immunological processes that occur in response to infection with malaria parasites.  Topics include malaria pathogenesis, development of immunity to malaria, immune evasion by malaria parasites  and malaria vaccine development.

Year 4: Immunology and Infection honours Project

The Rowe lab offers a four-month lab project for Immunology and Infection Honours students.

Postgraduate teaching:

Biotechnology MSc/Vaccines and Molecular therapies (course lecturer).

Cytoadhesion by malaria parasites: a pathology in need of a molecular therapy.

Wellcome 4 Year PhD programme in Hosts, Pathogens and Global Health (Theme leader for Molecular Biology and Immunology and course lecturer).