Carolyne Kifude

Research interest

My current work focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms of rosetting, particularly in field isolates. While a lot of studies on rosetting have focused on laboratory adopted lines, mainly of non-African origin, none has focused on characterizing rosetting in field isolates of African origin. This is crucial bearing in mind that rosetting has consistently been associated with severe malaria in African children. I am interested in understanding whether rosetting variants have any clinical relevance and whether children recovering from different syndromes of severe malaria raise variant specific antibodies against rosetting parasites. I am also interested in looking at association between var gene expression and antibody responses against rosetting variants.



  • PhD student, based at KEMRI-wellcome Trust Kilifi


  • MSc degree in parasite Biochemistry at Kenyatta University, Kenya


  • BSc in Zoology/Chemistry (1st Class Hons) at the Maseno University, Kenya

List of publications

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